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My current ride: the 2003 Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit.  (see below)
My sentimental favorite (because I used to own one and never should have sold it): the 1989 Yamaha FJ1200.  (see below)
Fast, fast, fast: the Suzuki GS-1300-E Hayabusa.  This model has been replaced by the newer GSX-1300-R, but I like the original.
Way cool cruiser: the Suzuki Intruder 1400.  This is my favorite cruiser, largely due to the maintenance-free shaft drive, clean looks, and understated chrome.
Muscle bike: the Yamaha VMax.  A legendary street fighter, with more power than any curbside commando really needs!
The current king of sport bikes: the Yamaha YZF-R1 Super Sport.  Now in it's second version, this bike has garnered more awards than any other bike on the road.
Badass Bimmer: the BMW R1100-RS.  This is the bike I would buy if I was rich (it costs over $5000 more than any other bike pictured here!)

My current ride: the 2003 Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit
This is a stock picture.  I'll post some pics of my bike when I get a chance to take some!
In my opinion, the Bandit is a very good all-purpose bike.  It has a comfortable ride and seating position, good street manners, excellent handling, and enough power to make your neck snap!  I have been riding it to work pretty regularly (especially since gas prices shot up to $3.00 per gallon!), and I've found the Bandit to be an excellent commuter bike.  I wouldn't want to spend 8 hours in the saddle, but it's perfect for that 30-45 minute commute and for zipping around town.  The guy at the local speed shop says that I could ramp the power output up to about 125hp at the rear wheel with a new airbox, jet kit, and a exhaust system, but it remains to be seen whether or not I'll embark upon that little money spending adventure!  For now, the Bandit suits me just fine -- a quick ride to work when I want it to be, and a fun toy the rest of the time!

My long lost 1989 Yamaha FJ1200
A boy and his toy.
right side
Left side
Sharp eyes will see that the stock 4-into-2 exhaust system was replaced by an aftermarket SuperTrapp 4-into-2-into-1 system.  This was done before I owned the bike, but I replaced the four primary exhaust headers while I owned it.  Aside from that, my FJ was pretty much stock.  It was a great bike, and I regret selling it!  :-)

Marvelous Matt's 2000 Honda Shadow Aero VT-1100
My buddy Matt on his Shadow Aero,
at his home in Taunton, Massachusetts
(Please try to ignore the beer gut!)
Nice and clean, lots of chrome!
Either Matt is wearing a helmet, or his brain is expanding at a horrific rate...

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