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It's been said that you can pick your friends, but not your family.  Well even if I could pick my family, I couldn't pick a better group than this.
My parents, Larry and Billie.
My younger brother Blake.
Blake at his prom.
Blake juggling his knives (that's not why his pants are torn!).
Blake on the Teacups at Disney World.
My mom's family, Jack and Marilyn Witman (seated) and left to right: Noel, Brian, Billie, & Robin.
My mom's sister Noel, my uncle Ed, and my cousins Kelsey and Collin.
My cousin Kelsey.
My cousin Collin.
My cousin Meredith.  I always knew she would grow up to be a babe!
My dad's brother Don and his wife Peggy.
My parents and grandparents in Norfolk, VA.

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