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Me and my buddy Dave at the top of Winter Park's North Cone during a snowboarding trip to Colorado that we took in April, 2002.
My buddy Dave hangin' out in CO.
Trace and Shauna
My friend Marvin's little surfer, Drake.
The Boys: IB, myself, Barney, and Mijo... what a crew!
Chris is one heckuva good cook, and he proved it again at the 4th of July party at the beach!
Shauna, Kelly, & Jen cheesin' for the camera!
Brian, Maggie, and Mike waiting for the fireworks to start at the 4th of July beach party.
Friends David and Tammi sharing a drink and a laugh.
Jason and Erin
(You can tell they've been together a long time because they're starting to dress alike.)
Marty Merchant chilling out with a beer.
My buddy Amanda posing on my 1989 Yamaha FJ1200
My friend Jen and I goofing around at the boatshacks.
A much nicer picture of Jen and myself.
Lewis and Beth after a dive.
Skiing with friends Rick and Laz at Snowmass, CO.
My friends Trace and Shauna Fleming enjoying another beautiful Kwajalein sunset.
Jason and Lew on the beach!
Heather, Tammi, Erin, Jen, Chris, & Cristin
Jim and Gina
Yours truly with friends Wendy and Tim on the way to the Commodore's Ball.
Myself, Tammi, and Javier at a 4th of July beach party.
My friend Christi and me in Haleiwa, Hawaii, a cute little surfing town on the North Shore of Oahu.
Christi at Hanauma Bay, Hawaii
Doc Finch and The Bryceman (Can you tell that I took this picture?)
My buddy Rob in Cambria, CA.
Jen is an EOH (Equal Opportunity Hugger).
I took this picture when Lew and I went mountain biking in Hawaii.  This particular picture is from Kaena Point, at the northwestern tip of Oahu.
Sandeep and myself gettin' rowdy at the Yokwe Yuk Club with someone who is apparently too embarrassed to be seen with us!
Jen and Tammi sitting on the ruins of a WWII bunker at Roi-Namur.