"Our house is a very, very, very fine house" - Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young

604 South Lincoln Avenue, Sterling, VA  20164

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Another view of the front of the house.  Notice the extra-wide driveway, the extra parking on the street in front, the fire hydrant close by, and the fenced-in yard.  These pictures were taken in the afternoon sun and the house appears more yellow than it really is.  The actual color is much more beige.
Another view of the front.  The windows are pretty cool - dual-pane, vinyl, tilt-in windows that were new in 2000.
The left (north) side of the house, with the flower bed and some bushes (very exciting).
The rear of the house, with a good view of the chimney that services the fireplace in the family room, and the screened-in porch.  You can also see some of the stone walkway at the back door.
The right side of the house, from the rear.  The HVAC system is pretty new, so I'm hoping that I won't have any problems with it anytime soon.
The front door and main entryway.
UPDATED! - Immediately inside the front door is a small foyer and the main hallway, directly off of which are the dining room on the right and the living room on the left.  This picture is from the kitchen looking back into the dining room and towards the front door.  Originally, this room had some pretty ugly wallpaper, which has been replaced with the nice burgandy color (original picture here)

Here are some pictures of the living room, which weren't posted with the original batch of pictures.  The speakers in the rear corners of the room are for the home theater system, which is primarily what this room is used for.  The black entertainment center and bookshelves are remnants of my bachelor past - I've been told several times that a women would never outfit her living room with black bookshelves.  After looking at some of the decorating ideas that Pam has put into action, I'm inclined to believe it!
Walking through the dining room and to the left, you come to the kitchen, which is pretty cool!  The oak cabinetry and blue pearl granite countertop are ten years old, but in really good shape.
Another look at the kitchen, from the main hallway, facing the oven and door to the garage.  Update: The floors in the kitchen and hallway are being redone, thanks to some water damage.  I'll be sure to post some new pictures when the new floor is in.
Hideous colors.  Absolutely hideous.  Update: The wallpaper is gone, and I've painted the kitchen in "Silver Sage" from Restoration Hardware.  All that's left to do is get the floor replaced and put in the crown moulding and baseboards.  I'll be sure to post some pictures as soon as it's done!
This is the ugly downstairs bathroom, which is next to the kitchen at the end of the main hallway.  Update: This bathroom has been redone with new paint, fixtures, vanity, and sink.  I'll post some new pictures when I get around to taking some.   :-)
UPDATED! - I finally got a picture of the family room with some furniture and decorations in it!  The original picture is here.
Off of the family room is the screened-in porch, which is accessed through these sliding glass doors.
A shot of the screened porch, looking at the kitchen window.
This shot looks downstairs at the foyer and front door.
This is a shot of the top of the stairs, with the master bedroom to the left and the largest secondary bedroom to the right.  There is an exhaust fan in the ceiling which really helps to cool the house on hot summer evenings.

The master bedroom, with the Big Red Wall!  This room and the dining room have quickly become my favorite rooms in the house, thanks in no small part to Pam, who was largely responsible for the decor and accents in those rooms.  I did manage to veto anything too "girly", but it certainly looks better than anything I could have done on my own!
The master bathroom (FUGLY).
The upstairs bathroom (this is the next project on my list, thanks to a rotting subfloor).
The largest of the secondary bedrooms, looking towards the front of the house, and at the closet.  This room has become the junk room/office.
Another secondary bedroom, looking out the window towards the rear of the house, over the roof of the family room.
The fourth bedroom isn't anything special, but it does have a nice view out over the neighboring houses.
A view of the garage, looking towards the door at the front of the house.
Another view of the garage, looking towards the utility room.
The washer and dryer (that don't quite match).
The water heater and some loose cabinets that can be used for storage.
The nice 18x6 work/storage shed in the back of the yard.
Floorplan diagram of the first floor, from the sales flyer.
Floorplan diagram of the second floor, from the sales flyer.
The photo from the sales flyer, showing the complete garage, and a clean front yard.