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The Bryceman
The installation team that came out to Kwaj to help me install the new Point-of-Sale (POS) system..  Left to right: Sandeep (The Deepster), myself, Marty Merchant Boy, Susan (Butch), and my buddy/coworker Barney.
The crazy folks I worked with out on Kwajalein.
Me and my 1989 Yamaha FJ1200
Right side of my FJ
Left side of my FJ
My friend Rhonda took this picture of me at work.  Check out the funky hair!
This is my "Come hither" look!
My friend Jen took this picture when we were at Lion Country Safari Park in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We sat there in the car and watched this bull elephant chase the cow around for about a half hour before he finally caught her!

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